Top Five Tips for Buying a Luxury Safe

Top Five Tips for Buying a Luxury Safe

A luxury safe doesn’t have to be gray, red or black. But it has to encompass every single detail in the word. A luxury safe must be luxurious in the look, and the feel. As such, there are many type of luxury safes from different companies as well. For that reason, it is crucial for individuals to be aware of the differences in these safes. Apart from that, it is crucial for every individual to understand the value of choosing the right safe for a watch, invaluable jewelry and ornaments. If you are looking for a luxury safe, the following factors should guide you before you make that purchase;

  • The Weight of the Safe

Weight is a leading factor when determining the ability of the safe in regard to protecting your items from fire as well as burglary. With that said, steel is heavy. Even so, it has good quality. Also, a quality luxury safe will have a substantial weight. High-density concrete base is also heavy and highly protective of your items.

  • Is the Lock UL Approved?

When shopping for a luxury safe, always check the lock if it is UL approved. There is dependable lock manufacturers that will always provide locks guaranteed to offer decades of reliable operation. Nevertheless, if you settle for a luxury safe that does not have a UL approved lock, there are high chances that the lock will serve you for a shorter period.

  • Consider the Entry Convenience

A slow to open luxury safe is likely not going to be used. Moreover, having a high quality lock allows the user to quickly open and close the safe while making it possible for the user to have the combination reset without hiring the locksmith. For your convenience as well as security, go for a high-end biometric luxury safe.

  • Does it Have Relockers?

A quality luxury safe has a relocker to assist in ensuring that it remains locked especially if there is a burglary. A relocker is a hardened pin that can be triggered during an attack. Also, it cannot be retracted unless drilling is done. Some luxury safes have 2 relockers while others have 10. While relocker pins are useful, they should be thick and substantial.

  • Consider a Tailor Made Luxury Safe

The beginning of tailored made items dates back to the 20th century when people would pay designers to customize their seats and shoes. Today, you can choose a tailor made luxury safe from different companies including Stockinger. Apart from that, you also need to consider the use of your safe. For instance, what are you going to keep in it? That question should lead you towards the right answer in regard to finding the right safe in terms of size and application.


A luxury safe is a worthwhile investment that should be thought of. Getting the right onemeans that your property shall be protected from burglars. The mentioned tips above will guide you through your decision making process.