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How to Remodel a Kitchen for Resale

If you are selling a home, it is inevitable that at least some preparation of that home will be necessary to get the offers coming in. Presenting your home effectively to the market is actually a pretty large undertaking and it involves several stages. From adding touches to improve the home’s “curb appeal” (how it looks from the street) to staging the home’s interior and, ultimately, taking the most attractive listing photos possible. One part of preparing a home for sale which, though it may not always be necessary, is probably the biggest undertaking of the lot is interior remodeling with the intention of adding value to the property.

Salt Lake City, Utah-based real estate company CityHome Collective says the best way to tell whether remodeling is worth the time and money is to enlist the services of an agency like their own. In many cases, a good home appraisal conducted by a professional with years of experience is the best way to tell whether this would be a profitable endeavor – or whether your home will sell in its current state. As you might expect, the decision whether to remodel comes down to a simple consideration: will the remodeling add value to your home greater or less than the money that will be spent on carrying it out? If the answer to this is yes, then it is certainly something you should consider.

The Importance of the Kitchen

In the property industry, the kitchen is widely considered the space within a house which can potentially add the greatest value to the property as a whole. This appears to be because it is within the kitchen that most advanced home improvements and technology can be installed. This means there are more high-end appliances, such top cookers, kitchens units, microwaves, and kitchen gadgets, which can potentially be installed in a kitchen than any other space within the home.

We are all familiar with the typical kitchen found inside a high-end property – it is usually the most modern and dazzling part of the home. And many real estate brokerages, including CityHome Collective, offer kitchen interior design as a service. What follows then is some ideas of how to add property value with a kitchen, curtesy of CityHome Collective.

Upgrade the Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

There are a range of sleek and modern-looking cabinets and countertops that can have a kitchen looking like a showroom. Moreover, because they take up such a large amount of visible space within the kitchen, cabinets and countertop upgrades are some of the most effective value-adding upgrades you could make.


To tie together the aesthetics of a kitchen, investing in better lighting is also a great choice. Lighting encompasses not only the lamps you install (and many of these can be seriously eye catching) but also the light they cast over the rest of the room. The trick is to have the light in harmony with the color pallet of the kitchen in general.

Kitchen Layout

Just as important as lighting for tying the kitchen together is the economization of space and general layout of the room. Getting this right ahead of selling is essential as this constitutes the first impression buyers will have of the room. Take the necessary advice and have the kitchen looking great in those listing photographs.

There are many more home improvements that will bump up the value of your home. However, if you need to prioritize, and plan on doing something less than an entire property renovation, the kitchen is the place to start.